The Importance of Uniform in Restaurants

Every detail is fundamental in the construction of the brand image in the consumer’s mind, and when it comes to gastronomy, care must be doubled. Those who think that only the quality of the food will guarantee customer loyalty are wrong.

In this article, we will talk about the value that the uniform adds to the sale of food in restaurants.

The first impression

A survey by two American universities proved that “the first impression is what remains”, but even without any study, down there, we already knew the truth contained in that sentence.

The point is, when this “image” involves food, we are more rigorous than ever. After all, no one likes to be served by someone with dirty hands, for example.

In the gastronomic sector, everyone must wear a professional uniform, from the chef to the assistant. Forming a positive opinion with the consumer is not difficult, but it requires constant maintenance.

More than a piece of clothing

This clothing is essential for those who work with food, first for reasons of hygiene and safety, and secondly for the comfort of the customer. See how in some cases the uniform is as important as the food:


Have you ever imagined arriving at the restaurant and not being able to find out who the waiter is? Often this scenario is repeated, for this the ideal is that each sector has a different dress, to differentiate the service and facilitate the consumer’s stay.


Physical appearance is also part of the uniform, as it is outside the kitchen that the customer has his first contact with the house. For this reason, the waiter, as well as the receptionist, cannot have long hair and a beard, but must always have a smile on his face and a touch of elegance.

Hygiene and protection

These two words sum up the importance of uniforms in the kitchen. Professionals working in this environment are subject to several accidents, so their clothing should aim at protection, aesthetics and practicality.

In this case, the uniform is more complete and each piece is of fundamental importance, like the shoe, the lady and even the pants.