Seva Mobil Bekas : Car Recognizes Used Cars Affected by Floods

Flood inundation that hit the Jakarta area and its surroundings some time ago, also caused losses to the owner of the car impacted by water. To cover up these matters, the owner of the vehicle will sell it to the used car market.

This situation can be detrimental to consumers who are digging vehicles in the used car market. The reason is if you are not careful in choosing, you will get a used flood car unit which certainly has the potential to decrease the performance of the impact of submerged water.

There are techniques for understanding cars affected by flooding, so as not to be deceived in working on buying a used car. The steps to separate a used car from flood were collected by Solopos from the discussion that appeared on Eybel Adnan’s Youtube channel.

1. Pay close attention to the place of origin of the car, passing the vehicle registration certificate (STNK). Check whether the address is classified as a flood subscription area or not.

2. Pay attention to the selling price of the car, if it is cheaper than the market average it can raise suspicion.

3. When entering the cabin, a car affected by flooding creates an unpleasant fragrance that feels unnatural like the effects of mold.

4. Check the elements under the hood to understand the presence of stains or rust from flooding. It is difficult to purify it in short periods of time.

5. When watching the inside of the windshield, a vehicle affected by flooding will present excessive water or dew.

6. On the trunk element, under the carpet, upholstery wrapping, rubber doors and behind the dashboard of a car affected by floods there are mud stains, to small trashes.

7. A noticeable difference from a car affected by flooding on engine performance can be seen when the car is started. Likewise if the headlamps are not useful normally.

8. Request input is different from having a mechanic or figure who understands car engines, in checking component failure.

9. Make sure as a consumer choose a trusted vendor or someone you already know.

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