Names for Bands

One of the most human acts that exist is to put names on people and things that are important to us. Names can last for many years over time, as is the case with names of musical groups. Some like Mecano, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Men G, among others, have become references in music and their rock band names are still remembered by thousands of people around the world today.


Are you thinking about creating a musical group or band and don’t know what name to name? Here at this blog, we have prepared a special post to help you understand the syntactic and semantic structure of band names (rock, pagode … whatever you want), as well as several examples that will help you get inspired. Let’s make music!


Advice for choosing names for musical bands

The name chosen for a musical group must represent the deepest of its essence and the reason why it was created, or represent the musical genre that defines it. This can influence the success or failure of what you want to achieve with your music group.

If the name is not sticky, does not represent the music the group plays, is not consistent with the members or does not say anything characteristic of the group, it will certainly be difficult to achieve success in the world of music. So, we will give you some tips that will help you choose a good name for your band :

  • It must be inspiring and contain the soul of the band;
  • The name must be short, with 3 words or less;
  • It must be unique, that is, there cannot be another group with the same name;
  • The name chosen for the group must transcend time, it cannot be a fad;
  • The name must be easily associated with the musical genre to which the group is dedicated. Alternatively, it can also represent the customs or roots of the place to which the group belongs;
  • It must take into account the common interests of all members of the band;
  • You can combine the ideas of names that members have;
  • You can also use animal names or common nouns, as they are common words for everyone and are easy to identify .;
  • The name chosen for the group must be concise so that it can position itself on social networks so that it appears in the first search results on the Internet;
  • It must be easy to remember for the audience.