Learn How to Draw Your Favorite Things with These Simple Drawing Tutorials

If you are not familiar with drawing, making a simple sketch may seem impossible, but with the Doodle Me these tutorials you will be able to draw your favorite things without any problem. Created by an artist named Jenny, these charming instructional drawings feature a wide variety of simplified objects and characters in three or four easy steps to follow. At the end of these tutorials, you will know how to draw cartoon versions of guitars, foxes, rockets, cacti, and much more.

Although illustrating an object with just a few lines and colors may seem like a simple task, it is more difficult than it sounds. Jenny must determine what are the most important details of the object or animal that she is about to draw: these strokes have to reflect the essence of the subject so that, as soon as you see it, you know what it is about. In making these decisions, his drawing tutorials seem effortlessly elaborate and accessible to even the least committed artist. So there is no doubt why so many people find inspiration on the Doodle Me This Instagram account.

Scroll down to see these drawing tutorials and get to work!

Do you want to learn to draw? The Doodle Me This tutorials will help you recreate your favorite objects.