I Lost My Passport, What to Do?

The passport is an extremely important document when we leave the country and even when we have already left and are in foreign lands, after all, unlike national documents such as the RG and CPF, the passport is a form of identification that can be used anywhere in the world and that serves as proof that you have the right to be where you are. For various reasons we may lose our passport, either by forgetting somewhere or having been stolen, which can complicate our lives, especially if the loss occurred outside the country or if we have a visa to enter and stay in a country in the passport. foreign.

If you no longer have your passport and want to know what to do in this situation, understand in this article from this blog: I lost my passport, what to do?

Did I lose my passport, how to get another one?

Passport loss is a common problem when we still find ourselves, mainly because this is not a document that we use every day and we just shelving to be removed from the middle of our paperwork only when we have a trip scheduled outside. Because it is not used as much as the RG or any other strictly national document, sometimes we are faced with the fact that the document is not where we think it was and we have no idea where we put it.

The first thing to do when you lose your passport is to forget the initial idea of ​​where we think the document was located and look in every corner of the house, even the most unlikely ones. If you still can’t find it, you need to request a duplicate passport.

How to renew your passport

Because it is a serious document and issued by the Federal Police, renewing your passport in the event of a loss is a little laborious. Follow the steps below to obtain your new document:

  1. Open a police report: go to a Civil Police station reporting the loss of your passport, especially in the case of theft;
  2. Make a new passport request: on the Federal Police website, open the request for a new document, inserting the required data. At the end of filling, check all the data and make the order official;
  3. Schedule a time at the Federal Police: after opening a new passport application, you must schedule a time at the Federal Police service station you want. The schedules are usually different and do not cause problems, however, if you have a trip scheduled for the near future, make the appointment as soon as possible so as not to run the risk of not having the document in hand when the day of the flight is approaching ;
  4. Pay the fee: whether the first passport is paid or not, the fee that must be paid to issue a passport is the same as R $ 257.25 * (until the end of the conclusion of this article);
  5. Go to the Federal Police: when the scheduled date arrives, go to the Federal Police station chosen with the Report of the loss of the original document, also bring an official document with a photo (preferably RG), the voter’s title and proof of voting in the last election and your CPF number.
  6. Return to the Federal Police to pick up the document: as soon as you are going to hand over the passport documentation, you will also receive a forecast date of how much the document will be ready. As soon as the date arrives, return to the Federal Police and get your document. To make sure that the passport is ready and available, check the status of the application on the Passport Division website of the General Coordination of Immigration Police;

In case of loss of passport with a visa, it is necessary to request a new passport and also contact the consulate of the country issuing the visa to inform about the loss of the document and request a new copy. Since there is no possibility to rush the issuance of the passport, if you have already purchased a ticket and have lost the passport with the visa, you may have to change the date of travel.

If your situation is like ‘ I lost my expired passport. what to do?’, it can be said that the problem is not the most serious one because an expired document is not valid and you would have to request a duplicate anyway.

I lost my passport abroad

I lost my passport in another country while traveling, now what? Despite being desperate, this is a situation that can be solved and that usually concerns us mainly because the passport is our only way of identifying ourselves during a trip.

If you are just traveling in another country and are going to take a direct flight back to Brazil, you can go to the nearest Brazilian Consulate and ask for a Return Authorization, a free document that will be issued within 3 days after the request. With this documentation, you will be able to go through the migration process at the international airport smoothly, however, if the return date is far or if you are not going to take a direct flight back to Brazil, you will need to carry out other processes. First, you should go to the local police and open the equivalent and a police report, explaining the situation so that they can give you a proof of loss, so you can go to the nearest Brazilian Consulate to request a new copy of your passport. It is worth mentioning that, in this case, a passport issuing fee will be charged again.

If, after all, you are in a situation of ‘ I lost my passport with a visa’, the situation is a little more complicated and the resolution will depend on the country in which the visa was issued. In the United States, for example, if you lose your visa before obtaining an official US document, you will need to return to Brazil and apply for a visa again, which includes the interview and also the payment of the emission fee. Some countries are a little more flexible and allow you to apply without having to travel so much, requiring only that you apply at the nearest consulate, even in a neighboring country that you do not have citizenship.