Do Goldfish Need a Large Tank?

What size tank do goldfish need? This is a question that often receives very different answers, so in this article, we will talk about what factors are important to choose the size of the tank.

Goldfish ( Carassius auratus ) is a species that suffers more than most. This is due to the unfortunate dissemination of misconceptions and little information about their care.

It turns out that goldfish are highly sociable creatures with a strong character, and often exhibit interesting behaviors. Today we will talk about what should be the ideal size for your fish tank.

How to estimate the size of the goldfish tank?

We commonly hear that 100 liters of water is the minimum volume for a goldfish . In addition, varying amounts of liters of water will be added for each additional fish.

However, this volume is not enough for a single fish and the dimensions of the tank will be inadequate. The average size of a 100-liter tank is approximately 90 x 35 x 30 centimeters.

Actually, the rule ‘six times the length’ is appropriate for goldfish. This proportion provides them with an adequate bath and an appropriate volume of water.

It is important to note that the size to be taken into account is the maximum that the adult fish can reach. It’s not about the size of the young fish the day you buy it.

Goldfish in the aquarium

Difference between common or single-tailed goldfish and goldfish dancer

Different tank sizes are often cited for common or single-tailed goldfish, and goldfish dancer. The common goldfish has a single caudal fin (tail) and an elongated body shape; It is the ‘traditional’ style of goldfish.

The golden dancer fish are of a lineage bred to develop particular body shapes and generally have a double caudal fin.

They are also distinguished by a variety of physical features that include the growth of the head and large eyes. They are likely to present much more rounded and compact body shapes.

Size of the fish in its adult state

A fully developed fancy goldfish can easily reach 30 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide, including fins and tail. Adult fish will have a grapefruit-sized body and weigh close to half a kilogram.

Varieties with shorter fins may have less total length, but they will still have large and bulky bodies. Given this size for adults, we can already see that a 100-liter tank of 90 x 35 x 30 centimeters will barely allow an adult to turn around.

The common goldfish can reach larger sizes. At least 30 centimeters in length, and often longer, especially for ‘versions’ with long fins such as comets.

One of the goldfish in the tank