Best Guide to the Pearl Wedding Anniversary

The celebration of the pearl anniversary – of the 30th wedding anniversary – is truly a milestone. Thirty years of living together are just a miracle on “fast” wedding days and even quicker divorce!

It’s easy to give the perfect gift when you know the basics. In this case, it means that, like every anniversary, the 30th also has a list of traditional and modern gifts, in addition to traditional flowers. While traditional wedding anniversary gifts are pearls (hence the name), modern gifts are diamond jewelry. Hey, think about it, a pearl birthday is one that every woman will love – after all, she will be filled with precious jewelry!

Pearls as a traditional 30-year anniversary gift

Pearls are a classic of all time and add instant sophistication and glamor to a woman’s overall appearance, regardless of age. And guess what? Not all pearls must be white. You can give her a very fine necklace or earring pendant with pearls or black Tahitian bracelets, gold pearl rings and brooches from the southern sea. Pearl gifts are always elegant and appropriate.

2. If he is not too crazy about pearls (and you should know it better than anyone), try a jewel box studded with mother of pearls.

3. A mother of pearl frames can also be a good gift. Obviously, make sure to put your special photo booth on the frame.

4. Relaunch your love on a trip. Try to visit exotic destinations that have a rich tradition of beads in history.

Diamonds as a modern/contemporary 30th birthday gift

Well, what can you say about diamonds? If you choose to give him a big solitaire or a diamond birthday ring, a diamond necklace, earrings or a diamond pendant, your gift will reach its destination. Diamonds are no longer limited to jewelry today, you know. You can even choose a diamond watch.

Sweet peas like flowers for the 30th anniversary

Flowers and birthdays – or any celebration – cannot be separated. If red roses become too predictable (and yes, even boring), look no further than peas. This is a traditional flower for a pearl birthday.

Sweet peas are very popular during Edwardian England and are an integral part of flower arrangements for weddings and dinners. You can give him a sweet pea potted plant if he is passionate about gardening. Or choose a beautiful linen with pea patterns.

Some unusual ideas to secure a 30th wedding anniversary

1. Bring to where you spend your honeymoon

2. Give him 30 roses – made of pearls

3. thirty small handmade cards that highlight the best features of each of the last years

4. Necklace with 30 pearls

Whatever you do for the 30th anniversary of your marriage, the end result is romance. Let your imagination run wild and rejoice when you find that you still find him smoking even after 30 years of marriage!